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Diagnostic Services

To help our physicians make a timely and accurate diagnosis, Johnson County Hospital has a wide variety of sophisticated diagnostic capabilities.  All the procedures are performed at the order of a physician.  Your physician can answer any specific questions you may have about different kinds of tests.  He/She will order the best exam based upon your medical history and symptoms.  Not all types of exams are safe for everyone, so be sure to discuss any of your concerns with your physician. 

The Radiology Department at JCH provides 24 hour coverage. Routine X-Rays are provided by registered technologists employed by the Hospital.  Additional services have been added to help physicians make accurate diagnoses and assist in treatment, which has benefits to the patient not only in the quality of care but also in convenience. Johnson County Hospital provides the following diagnostic exams:

For more information about our Diagnostic Services, contact:
Rhea Lohman, BS, R.T. (R)(CT)(MR)

Director of Radiology

Phone: (402) 335-6345
Fax: (402) 335-6358

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